Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Most designers in Milan focused in the inner strength of a woman. A mixture of menswear, bondage, and even vixens on the lose made fashion week in Milan one of the most exciting season for Spring 2010.

They are on the right track by making their women ready for anything. Go Figure!!!

Here are my top favorites of the season:


Monday, September 28, 2009


While working on a project, I got a random call from Mystery Man at 530pm. He must be reading my blog, since I have been posting my rendezvous in Central Park.

He told me, "Hello Gipetto. You must be having a good time in New York, especially in Central Park. Meeting random men in the park sounds FUN?"

I started laughing. I know he is getting a little jealous. I told Mystery Man that I will be seeing him at the end of October. You know what I did? I turned up the volume of the music I am listening to.

Then he asked me, "What are you listening to?"

I replied, "Irene Cara's Fame."

He laughed so hard. For him to forget about my Central Park adventures, I sang the whole song to him.

He was sleepy, but he started singing with me.

He said. "Gipetto knows how to cheer me up."

I replied, "Hurry back to New York and we will dance to the song FAME together."

And I sang to him, "Baby you look at me and tell what you see. You ain't see the best of me yet. I can catch the moon in my hand. Don't you know who I am? Remember my name? FAME."

He told me out loud, "GIPETTO... I WANT TO HUG YOU NOW."

Then I said, "Remember my NAME?"

It made my day.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


I am so amazed with what's happening at Gucci right now. Frida Giannini took the label into a different level. She removed pornography from Gucci and transformed it into a sexy, glamourous, and sophisticated brand.

For this season, she was inspired with tons of harnesses. It's a mixture of sci-fi, paratroopers, and vixens. In tough times, women have to show their inner strength to withstand suffering and pain. Frida gave justice to her Gucci lady. She is a grown up woman and is willing to fight for anything...GOOD.

The clothes are tight to the body with attention to detail. The Gucci customer will be very happy for next season. She used white, gray, black, and ikat print ( I thought it was a disconnect to the collection) to make her collection STRONG and COHESIVE.

Of course, Gucci's sales highly depends on the accessories: White bags with rope detailing; platform sandals with zipper and buckle detailing; cut-out platform boots; horse bit belt buckle with rope details; sunglasses that can kill.

A triumph for Gucci and Frida. I am sure Mr. Pinault is happy with the outcome of the show... Big $$$$.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last night, Pavel invited me to see the movie, "Coco Avant Chanel". We saw it in the Paris theater. I like the film a lot. I believe Audrey Tatou graced the silver screen with a spectacular performance of Gabrielle Chanel's life before she became CHANEL.

After the movie, Pavel dropped me home. Believe it or not, it is my second date with him. He reminds me of mystery man a lot. He has the same features like mystery man: TALL, LEAN, AND HANDSOME. The most important thing about this American/European guy, he makes me laugh.

At 6'4, walking beside him made me feel so PETITE. Everyone was looking at him because he is so attractive... dreamy eyes. I forgot to bring my jacket, so he lent me his jacket... OVERSIZE THIS.

As he kissed me goodnight, my phone rang. He did not want to leave my doorstep. I told him that I will see him this Sunday. He did not insist. He left. I am starting to like him.

Guess who called? Mystery man. He wanted to say hi. He told me that he could not wait to see me. He might be in New York for 2 days at the end of October.

He asked me, "Have you been dating?"

I said, "Maybe?"

He was quiet for a while.

I told Mystery Man that my relationship with him is more than FRIENDS... Friends that kiss and hug.

He wants to be with me, but he can't. I want to be with him, but he is nowhere to be found.

We had an hour conversation.

Every time he is here, I enjoy every moment with him.

I feel like his COCO. You know what? I think I am.


I had a chance to cover fashion week for a famous magazine in Asia. I saw a couple of shows in New York this season and I was not impressed. I love it when a designer is inspired by her inner phoenix. Jill Stuart is one of them. She has been in the industry for the longest time. She has a league of followers around the world.

Do you know that she is HUGE in Japan? Yes. Even my good friend Vicky Kagia from Greece loves Jill Stuart. She has a huge collection of the designer's shoes and dresses.

For Spring/Summer 2010, she released the beast in her woman. True enough, the collection look ferocious and ready for the kill. Stylist Joanne Blades has been working with Jill for a long time. Every season, she helps Jill in executing an amazing runway show. I believe Joanne has great talent.

Also in her team, famed jeweler Mark Walsh and Leslie Chin made amazing pieces in mesh to create the whole fantasy of being a powerful vixen. Earrings that can rip your soul in a heart beat... TO DIE FOR. LOVE!!!

Overall, the collection is STRONG, POWERFUL, and CONFIDENT.

Who cares what critics say? People loved it and they want to buy it the moment it hit the stores. Ask my friend Tinsley Mortimer, she will tell you... she loves the collection.

For me, good or bad publicity is still PUBLICITY. For sure, Jill's avid fans will get a hold of her amazing pieces next season.

We are suffering from an economic crisis, Jill Stuart knows how to stir things around.

And that is why she is BRILLIANT.

Get the PICTURE.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Good news!!! I have been running in Central Park for a couple of days now. I have been losing the weight. The last time I checked the weighing scale, I lost 16 pounds. Now, I am doing my cardiovascular workout... soon in Equinox.

Who would have thought that I will be meeting men in Central Park? My outfit is plain and simple. If I wear an all black number, my running shoes must be in silver. When I am in the mood for color, I wear tons of color. The secret for my success... WEAR LEGGINGS. I mean sexy and chic LEGGINGS.

Do not go running, as if you just got out from BED. Hahahahaha

Of course, I never leave home without my Ipod. I listen to all the gay music of Donna Summer, especially the song "I feel love".

Surprisingly, most of the men I have been dating work in finance. You know I like them tall.
I will not be descriptive about my rendezvous with these men.

The guy I met this morning in the park, we clicked so well. He made me laugh so hard that I almost fell on my seat. I am seeing him again tomorrow. He invited me to watch COCO AVANT CHANEL.

And the saga continues...

PS: I still like mystery man, but it does not hurt to look around.

Bright Yellow Sneakers!!!


My friend from Harry Winston had to do some business at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. I told her to take pictures of amazing baubles that the museum has to offer.
As soon as I opened my email, I fell on my seat.

I have never seen beautiful emeralds on a necklace. I was in awe. Even Dorothy Gale of Kansas will faint thinking it is the Emerald City.

The moment mystery man comes back to New York City, I will print out the necklace and give it to him. A teaser perhaps?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I met a guy while I was doing my run at Central Park 2 days ago. He is handsome, tall, and intelligent. I invited him for a drink at Nobu 57. I thought he was hilarious and funny. As our conversation got deeper, he told me that he'd like to kiss.

I told him not in public, especially at Nobu 57 where I see all my peers from my industry. I am a private person, but this revelation will be a public knowledge. He had everything, except for hygiene.

Have you guys ever heard the term HALITOSIS? Well! He has major issues. I started breathing through my mouth. I could not take it.

Wow! What a night? I had to excuse myself and told him that I had to do so many things in the morning.

I am just too nice and thinks the world is just close to perfection.

I learned my lesson. Ewww!
Too cool to be true.


Well! I have been a big fan of London fashion. Every time I want a taste of it, I go to my favorite store in SoHo called Seven. They have the best selection of amazing British designers.

For this season, most designers focused on bright colored pieces and collages of prints for their runway show. I am very happy to see COLOR on the runway.

The Brits know how to make a simple dress into a remarkable garment. By adding color and prints, they captivate the audience attention to the clothing.

After New York's not so good collection, I give a thumbs up to the Brits.



Monday, September 21, 2009


I am a bloody Taurus. It's all or nothing for me. I started running this Sunday and I got motivated to lose the weight. Every morning, I wake up at 7am. Then, I get ready to head to Central Park. I feel the love in the park... because I am listening to Donna Summer's song.

This time, I took pictures of Central Park... Beautiful. Since I love shoes, I had to take a picture of my cool PUMAS. Hahahhahahahahaha.

I lost 16 pounds in 40 days. Now, I just need to do some exercise. Mystery man challenged me to work out. By October, he will be in a big surprise.


I met Monique Lhuillier through my friend Kassidy. We were introduced at the Frick Gala last February. To my surprise, we have a common friend... Celestina. We started chatting in the middle of the dance floor. We were sharing our Asian heritage... as if we were not in a busy event.

Last night's 61st Emmy Award, my good friend Monique triumphed the red carpet. A-Listers like Drew Barrymore, Rose Byrne, Toni Collette, and Mila Kunis were wearing her lovely creations.

Besides her amazing bridal collection, she is known for making show stopping ball gowns. Well! I am very proud of her.

Congratulations and more power!!!



Sunday, September 20, 2009


I just came from an hour run at Central Park. I have been doing well with my strict diet. Now, I have to workout. When I want to do something, I know I can achieve it. I am still recovering from Fashion Week in New York.

I did not even open my packages from last week's delivery. Most of them are for my mom and my sisters. There is only one small package for me... is it a gift?

I told myself, "I did not order anything online."

As soon as I open the package, I was surprised.
What's inside the box? A Cristobal Balenciaga Edition sunglasses.

I was in shock. There was no note or any indication who it came from. In the beginning, I thought it was from my friend Ginger in California.

I was trying to connect the pieces of the puzzle. Could it be from Mystery Man?

Then, I got a call from a blocked number.



Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have seen a couple of good shows last week at the Bryant Park Tents, Milk Studios, Altman Building, Cedar Lake House, and other venues for the Spring/Summer 2010 shows.

Now, I have to review all the designers inspirations and think of an article. I am still exhausted from running to one show to the next.

All I need is a massage, but I have to work. I need to figure things out before Monday.
Definitely, I will be focusing on emerging designers. The readers have to be aware that there are so many new talents in the fashion industry.

As I am typing this entry, I can feel my allergy medicine kicking in.
Big Kiss!!!



I had to wake up early this morning to support the 10th annual walk for poverty of my dear aunt, Loudette Avelino. I have been a member of her board for 8 years. Building Futures Together is an organization that fights poverty in the Philippines. My aunt is the founder of this prestigious charity. She has been an advocate to fight against poverty for more than 20 years.

Every year, I made sure that I am a part of the walk. It was held at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens. For the first time, I had to run a 5 kilometer track. I felt so good because I have been on a strict diet for a month... I lost 16 pounds in 30 days.

At the end of the day, we were able to collect many donations from our supporters. The proceeds of this event will go to the building of schools, libraries, and other materials for the poor children of the region.

It was a good break for me after fashion week. I felt so good.
Please go to our website,

Hey! If we can buy Pierre Hardy's and Alaia, we can donate a small amount to the organization.
Am I right?

Please support our cause!!!