Monday, February 28, 2011


Thanks to Anne Hathaway, she made last night's Oscars fun to watch. With her humor and wit, she made the audience laugh. Her own rendition of the song "On My Own" directed at Hugh Jackman was priceless. Remember when Hugh Jackman hosted the Oscars two years ago. The dance routine with Anne was memorable.
On the other hand, James Franco looked like he was stoned in the entire show. He looks constipated and uneasy throughout the night. Most of the time, he just relied on Anne Hathaway to make things work. I don't know what he is on, but he was bad at his job.

The red carpet fashion was also boring. Most of the outfits were not Oscar worthy. There were a few women who came prepared for the cameras and exposed their strong fashion sense.

Jennifer Hudson strutted in a tangerine orange gown from Atelier Versace. With her new body, the go to designer to show your curves is Versace. Lucio once again did an amazing job for the house. His success with Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, January Jones, Hilary Swank throughout the awards season proves to show that he is a VALUABLE ASSET to the house.

Gwyneth Paltrow looked stunning in a dress by Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein. Her ensemble looked like dripping white gold. The hair and make-up were perfect. She accented her outfit with Louis Vuitton earrings and brooch. I wish that she removed the brooch at the waist of the dress. If the academy decides to change the color of the trophy to white gold, Gwyneth is the perfect mold.

With Halle Berry's lingerie inspired Nina Ricci dress at the Golden Globes, she redeemed herself at the Oscars by wearing a strapless gold beaded gown with tulle details by Marchesa. First of all, she is born beautiful. She floated like royalty on the red carpet. The diamond studs gave the finishing touch. She and her stylist teamed up so well.

Dreamy in Lilac Elie Saab is what Mila Kunis opted to wear. The lingerie inspired gown complimented Mila's dark hair and skin color. She looked young and fresh. I believe that Mila showed an example on how a lady in her 20s should dress up for an award's show. She was well put together.

Hilary Swank dressed the part of being a 2-time Oscar Winner. She strutted on the red carpet wearing Gucci Premiere. She is the only actress in the awards season who can carry a gown with feathers. Her dress was red carpet worthy. The hair could have been a loose chignon. The impact of her look was priceless.

The grand finale is for the fashion forward Cate Blanchett. I am a huge admirer of this actress. She is phenomenal in her acting and her style. Anything Cate wears, she just carries the clothes very well. She was built to be the perfect muse for any fashion house. I am glad she chose to wear Givenchy Haute Couture. For me, her outfit was a take of a VERY MODERN GRECIAN GODDESS. She is like a canvas. You can put anything on her and she will still look stunning.
She is a rare breed.


Sunday, February 27, 2011


John Galliano was recently suspended by Dior for exchanging racial comments with a couple at La Perle in Paris, France. The police arrested Mr. Galliano for such actions. Religion and ethnicity are the most sensitive topics to tackle. Trust me, there is no winner or loser in this type of conversation.

Yes, we are given the right to voice our opinion with certain things. As human beings, we take things literally. People's troubled history can lead to an unending and brutal discussion. People get killed by defending their stand in what they believe in.

John Galliano is a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Everyone knows him. I doubt that the couple seated next to him did not recognize the designer from Dior. I am positive that they knew him.

I believe that the incident was blown out of proportion. If he was not famous, do you think this
will be out in the global press? NO. He shouldn't been drinking alone. His assistant or his publicist should have been at his side.

If Mr. Galliano did say those statements? Shame on him. There are two sides of the coin. We only heard the side of the couple. The designer himself did not give any statement. The house of Dior took action by suspending him from the label. Crucial time to place a designer in detention before the big show this coming Paris Fashion Week.

If he is proven guilty, Mr. Galliano should be afraid. The world right now is not a safe place to live in. With these statements, death treats can come knocking at his door steps.

In life, we have to be careful and sensitive in what we say to people. We have to think before talking. Words are powerful and strong. It can kill.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


One of the best collections I've ever seen from Bottega Veneta. It was a celebration of color. The dead became alive. Tomas Maier delivered a strong collection influenced by the modern muses of Alfred Hitchcock. As each model paraded on the runway, the up do of the hair and the lady like clothes were reminiscent of the 60s. Even though he looked back in the past, Tomas put a spin in this collection. The choice of fabrics were surprising and led to pure experimentation. The house is always known for clean, polished, and sporty look. This time, he took a different turn by making it more vibrant. He gave his own definition of luxury. Embellished lace onto dresses were both real and virtual. He used a modern technique of spray painting to create the virtual aspect of the lace. Imagine lace in bold detail and suddenly it fades. Amazing.

In fashion school, you get an F for not finishing the hem of a garment. For Tomas, he used it as a detail for all the skirts, gowns, and dresses. It was cleverly done.

I am not a big fan of white stockings. Even if it is cashmere, I really don't care. If there will be revivals of the great director's films, these clothes would be perfect for it.

The modern feminine look is coming back. The strong and edginess of a woman is being kept in Pandora's box for now. Thank God that the 80s are back in the archives.

Time to celebrate the true beauty of being woman.

Friday, February 25, 2011


If there was an organization of selected powerful designers, Prada is part of the league. Every season, Miuccia Prada surprises her admirers with a breathtaking collection. Her inspiration for Fall is an ode to a girl's innocence. The innocence of a girl can be flirtatious and deadly. The look will lure you into a trap. In the end, there is no escape. The danger is from within.
She referenced the 20s, 40s, and the modern take of Yves Saint Laurent's love for Mondrian. Belts were not singed at the waist, but were low slung. She showcased differed types of coats with wide bordered lapels. She revised the Mondrian print by changing the palette and color. Thus, it gave a modern graphic effect. Season after season, Prada has been convincing women to wear socks. From a far, you'd think you are seeing Mary Jane shoes with socks. Your eyes deceived you. A combination of the shoes and socks gave birth to Prada's take on modern boots.

The last section of the show was a sea of short dresses adorned with plastic paillettes. It gave a modern mermaid look. Prada is like Madonna. They keep on reinventing themselves. Indeed, it is a memorable collection.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The moment Sharon Stone wore a Black Gap T Shirt paired with a black long skirt to the Oscars, she became a fashion icon. The following year, she wore her husband's white buttoned shirt and a lilac satin Vera Wang number. The press became very interested with her next move. After that, her fashion went down hill. Sharon would wear weird looking clothes. As much as I love Versace, I will never forget her Gothic/80s inspired look at the Golden Globes. She looked like she just came from a party the night before. She even forgot to wear a bra. The jewelry and shoes were just BAD.

So many mishaps and misfortunes with her choices, Sharon Stone finally redeemed herself. Last night, Dior hosted a dinner party at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. She looked great in magenta dress from the designer. When she dons the simple and natural look, Sharon's beauty pops out. She could have chosen a pair of fun shoes to compliment her dress.

Finally, I can say that she got her groove back. She is out of Fashion Rehab.



Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Mary Katrantzou closes London Fashion Week with a fun-filled collection. I believe that she makes London fashion fun and different. Her mixture of vivid prints made her collection a strong statement throughout the fashion industry. British fashion is here to stay forever. No wonder people love buying her pieces because you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Fashion is going into a different direction. Last year, designers were focused in the era of the 80s. Now, they have chosen the era of the 60s. There are no more spikes and studs on the runway. Christian Louboutin designed these amazing spike shoes last year. When it first came out, it was very difficult to snag a pair. These shoes are still a hot commodity. I am so happy that I exchanged my denim pair to other shoes. You only need to have one pair. There is no reason to collect all. The price tags on these edgy shoes are from $1300 and up.

I am keeping my shoes in the closet for now. Who knows? The 80s might come back again in fashion. Luckily, I did not buy my shoes. I got it as a gift for my birthday.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Pierre Hardy is one of my favorite shoe designer in the fashion industry. He designs architectural accessories for his loyal followers. Besides creating marvelous pieces for his own line, he also designs for the house of Balenciaga and Hermes. He is a TRUE genius.

For Spring 2011, he reinvents his trademark designs. Women love wearing colorful shoes for Spring/Summer. This season, he created a colorful suede wedge in bright pink and coral. If you are into statement and colorful shoes, Pierre Hardy is your go to guy for fun and excitement.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Giuseppe Zanotti is one of the best shoe designer in the industry. His collaboration with Balmain, Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, and Vionnet made him the go to guy for these talented designers. I was at the showroom today and pulled some shoes for my shoot next week. Renata and Bridgett are the guardians of the New York Press Office. Renata showed me the Fall collection of Giuseppe Zanotti for Vionnet. I was very impressed. The color combination was outstanding. These shoes range from $900 and up.

I love shoes. Thank God I was not born as a WOMAN. Can you imagine?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ralph Lauren is the richest and most successful designer in the world. Opening his flagship mansion stores around the world gave him the power he needed. This season, he paid tribute to the opulence of China. The money is in Asia. He paid respect to the rich heritage of the biggest country in the world. The homage to the sleeping giant gave him the triumph he deserved.

He presented a black collection that showcases the country's evolving industry. Tuxedo suits, silk palazzo pants, death defying dresses, and statement jewelry in jade and red were witnessed in today's show. It proves to show that Ralph Lauren can stick to his formula of a true American designer. Like Giorgio Armani, Mr. Lauren has a cult of follower.

For me, this is his BEST collection so far. A true genius in his own right. No wonder he is the most respected designer of our times. He ended New York Fashion week with a BIG BANG.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


At the recent British Academy Film Awards, Jessica Alba glided in a deep turquoise gown by Versace. The ethereal and goddess look made her young and fresh. The ease of the dress gave Jessica the feminine look. Although the make-up is good, I was not a big fan of the hairstyle. She should had done the full on Grecian look.

For the jewelry, the necklace did not give justice to the dress. She could have worn statement earrings, cuff, and a huge cocktail ring.

In the end, she carried the dress so well. Congratulations again to Lucio and the whole Versace team for making another red carpet moment for the house.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Last night's Grammy Awards, Jennifer Hudson wowed the crowd by wearing Versace's Pre Fall 2011 dress. With her new body, she can wear anything. I've always associated Versace with musicians and rock stars. She took a bold step by wearing Donatella's creation. Once again, Lucio and his team did a phenomenal job. Thanks to him, there has been good placements for the house. Wouldn't you feel sexy wearing Versace? I would. The corset with Swarovski embellishments added some edge to the whole look. The hair and make-up were amazing. It complimented the sexiness and vavavoom of the ensemble. Underneath her revealing dress, she wore La Perla lingerie... bra style. Her stylist did a good job.

For me, Jennifer's outfit was the perfect choice to attend the awards shows. She looked so HOT.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Tonight was a special night. I went to the MILK Studios with my good friend Denise Caldwell to see the presentations of various designers. Besides Elsa Klensch, Anna Wintour, and Tom Ford, Iris Apfel is one of the fashion icons of New York Society I admire.

She has a great sense of style. Known from her colorful eye wear, she has her own image. She loves to wear quirky clothes and prints putting her own spin to it. I met her at a presentation. She was very nice and full of knowledge. She told me to be focused and learn from the city. A wise woman indeed.

New York is the city of all cities. I believe that you have to be true and honest to yourself. I know the industry I live in is full of regrets. I am one of the few who takes life with a megawatt smile. Besides, it makes me younger forever.


One of the hottest tickets during New York Fashion week is the Alexander Wang show. He is one of the few young designers who is well-known globally. He is a genius in marketing his brand. Indeed, he is considered a boy wonder. For this season, he took his collection to a different realm... modern outwear. The dominant piece in his collection is the cocoon shape poncho like jacket. When I saw the collection, it reminded me of Rick Owens, Haider Ackermann, and Ann Demeulemeester all combined. He combined all the best elements of these designers and came up with his own interpretation. Voila! A stunning collection was produced.

Throughout the series of clothes that paraded on the runway, he used so much fur. Shoes were accented with fox trims, glasses with mink details, and jackets with neck and arm adorned in luxurious mink.

The color palettes were done in black, champagne, and gray. Like Phillip Lim, his business is soaring high. His brand is never intimidating. Everyone can have a taste of Alexander Wang' clothes because the price points are reasonable.

His evolution as a designer keeps on going. I am pretty sure that he will be staying in the industry for a long time.