Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Dries Van Noten is one my favorite designers in the fashion industry. I have been a loyal follower of his collection for 12 years. The men's department at Barneys New York knows about my fascination with the designer. I always get a call from them as soon as the merchandise hits the floor. For Spring 2012, Dries delivered a sophisticated and chic collection. He is known for having the best prints on garments. There are so many options for his loyal followers and soon to be fans of the brand. He used silk screen photographs of the rain forest, the sea, flowers, and the city at night. I believe it was clever. He gave Milan the answer on how to do prints properly. The silhouettes of his garments remind me of Cristobal Balenciaga in the 50s. There were a lot of easy pieces to wear. For example, a magenta jacket paired with black trousers and a white top... genius. My favorite piece is a dress in bright floral prints... show stopper.
For me, this collection signals more sales for him. He is one of the few designers in the industry who owns his company. He is a designer who does not believe in advertising. He strongly believes that a woman should have her own identity and not to follow what fashion dictates. She is a woman who goes with the flow. On top of that, the shoes are divine.
Another stunning show from the designer who knows how to do it all. Bravo!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Last Thursday, I was invited by Yaz Hernandez to attend the Vanidades event at the Mandarin Oriental. I was not feeling well. We came to support young designer Fabiola Arias. I was introduced to this young lady last year by Yaz. She is so talented. It was an honor to be a part of a magnificent event. I met Fabiola's lovely family and boyfriend. They all came in full force. She received an award from the magazine for upcoming new designer. I am very proud of her. She will make wonders in the fashion industry. If it weren't for Yaz, our paths wouldn't cross.


Friday, September 23, 2011


For Spring 2012, Donatella Versace delivered an amazing collection for the house. The clothes that appeared on the runway signal sales for the brand. Versace is known for being sexy. This season, she took it a notch down. It was a smart move for Donatella to do this. Not only will she satisfy her loyal customers, she will also gain new clients for the house. The first section of the collection were done in white. Clothes were adorned with gold studs and bead work to vamp up the look. She was inspired by the elements of the sea. She used seashells, clams, and star fish as her main print. The prints were done in pastel colors. Then, the clothes morphed into light colors in shades of yellow, green, and blue. The last section displayed gowns that are red carpet worthy. What caught my attention was a white long dress with a beaded star fish. The star fish connected the bandeau and the high waisted long skirt to make it a show stopper ensemble. I don't know if the word sophistication best describes this collection. In Donatella's world, this is how the Versace woman should dress up. Another triumph to the team of Donatella for executing a marvelous collection of the new Versace glamazons.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last Spring 2011, Prada delivered a superb and phenomenal collection for Men and Women. She started the whole trend of the must-have accessory, the multi-colored brogue shoes. I had to reach out to all my friends in retail to hunt down those shoes. For Spring 2012, Prada showcased a satisfying collection. It may not be the same success from last Spring, but Prada knows how to push the envelope. Indeed, she is a trend setter and a designer highly copied by her competitors. The vibe of the collection reminds me between the era of the 40s and the 50s. The coat from the first look reminded me of a floral crochet table cloth. You can see this detail throughout the collection. Another inspiration from this collection is her love of cars. She used flames as prints on the hem of the skirt. The bags had appliqued vintage Cadillac or Rolls Royce. The shoes had leather flames extended out to the back sole. The set had cartoonish cars that editors and buyers can sit on. Only in the mind of Prada she can come up with ideas like this. I need to absorb and see this collection once again. Right now, I can say this was not her best. Who knows my mind may change? I guess I was expecting more from her.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Frida Giannini took the house of Gucci into a different course. After inheriting the design reigns from her mentor Tom Ford, it was a big challenge for her to take the label into the next level. Season after season, she proved to the whole world that she's the perfect choice. What a way to start Milan fashion week, she delivered a fantastic and phenomenal collection. Her inspiration was the glamour era of the 1920s and the architectural splendor of the Chrysler's building. The color blocking of gold, black, and white were dominant throughout the entire collection. Buyers, editors, and consumers will be happy when these clothes reaches the stores come Spring. On top of that, the house will have its own museum in Milan. It is a double celebration for the house. I know for sure that Frida will last for a long time. Gold medal for the house. Bravo.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


After a successful Spring 2011 collection, Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein threw a dinner party at the newly renovated restaurant of ABC Kitchen. Guests include Ashley Greene, Naomi Watts, and Uma Thurman wore his creations. Two of my girlfriends, Anne V and Hanneli, did not disappoint the guests. Anne wore a blue sheath dress. On the other hand, Hanneli opted for a bright yellow dress that matches the color of the New York City cabs. All of Francisco's muses were present to celebrate the designer's magnificent collection for the house. Now, this is what you call a chic party with beautiful faces.




After Isabella Blow's tragic death, people thought they lost an iconic beauty. The next in line to the throne is Daphne Guinness. She is a walking piece of art. Not only that, Daphne has a beautiful face. She is no freak. Her sense of fashion matches with her physical beauty. How you can you beat that? Her look has been an inspiration to many designers. Unlike celebrities and socialites, Daphne does not loan clothes... she buys. A collector of couture, she is a creative force in her own right. The exhibition at the Museum of FIT begins with an introductory gallery of all of her out of this world, sculptural, and towering shoes. As you enter the main gallery, the exhibit is divided into 6 sections: Dandyism, Armor, Chic, Evening Chic, Exoticism, and Sparkle. These are my favorite quotes from Daphne's witty statements.

Dandyism: "There is so much cross-dressing in Shakespeare. I am inspired by that."

Armor: "I think it's very beautiful to be able to cover yourself in metal."

Chic: "I don't do event dressing, because every day is an event."

Exoticism: "Fashion today is becoming more beige... almost like a MAO Uniform."

Sparkle: "I'm like a magpie- I love everything that sparkles."

Only from a true genius and icon you can her these statements. The exhibit is open to the public from September 16 till January 7th, 2012. LEVIEV is the proud sponsor for the Daphne Guinness exhibit with the additional support of MAC Cosmetics, The Couture Council, and Barneys New York. She is the LAST of her KIND. So many copy cats out there, but Daphne is a living legend. Imagine the holy grail in front of you... that's Daphne Guinness for you.