Friday, April 12, 2013


Lately, I didn’t have the time to blog.  I have been very busy with other projects related to styling. My fascination with shoes never stops. I was on the hunt for the Harvana by Christian Louboutin.  Dong Ronquillo and I paid a visit to the men’s store in New York at the Meat Packing District. To my surprise, they have my size.  I was so excited to wear them. The next day, my assistant and I were doing market appointments. Suddenly, I grabbed her left arm before crossing the street. I told her that these shoes were pinching my toes. I ignored the pain. At the end of the day, my feet weren’t cooperating. I had to check if I had blisters… thank God I don’t have.  This past weekend, Daniella organized a dinner at Dos Caminos. I decided to wear the shoes. I walked from 55th Street and 6th avenue to 50th and 3rd avenue. I started feeling the pain again on my toes.  I kept on walking. By the time I reached the restaurant, I was experiencing pain.  I went to the bathroom to check on my toes. I was shocked that my two big toes were bleeding. I always come prepared. I brought my NEOSPORIN. After dinner, the ladies dropped me off on 55th and 3rd avenue. I told myself that I could walk back to my apartment. The alcohol didn’t help. I was experiencing more pain. I was so tempted to remove my shoes, but I didn’t. As soon as I reached my apartment, the wounds became deeper. I applied more ointment to avoid the pain.  God must be telling me to stop my addiction with shoes.  The Harvana’s are pretty, but extremely painful.