Sunday, July 21, 2013


Last season, Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy paid homage to religion. He showcased different photographic prints of the Virgin Mary. I have been one of his avid followers of his work. I had to ask my salesperson from Barneys to track down all the shirts and accessories from that collection. For Fall 2013, his inspiration was all about the USA. What caught my attention was his fondness of the Doberman print. The dog symbolizes strength and masculinity. At times, the Doberman is being portrayed as the devil’s guardian. In the end, I know this collection will sell out. I have a hard time tracking these pieces. As a Taurus, I am sure that I will have these in my closet in a month’s time. The addiction never stops when it comes to statement pieces. I am glad that Givenchy became part of my everyday wardrobe.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It’s been months since I wrote something on my blog. I have been focusing more with other projects. It's time to get back and start writing. The August issue is out for all fashion magazines. There is only one magazine that caught my attention, W’s Jennifer Lopez cover. First of all, I have been an admirer of JLo’s style since the start of her career. We’ve seen her wearing daring outfits like the Versace number she wore for the Grammy awards. Her nipples made its debut on stage worldwide at the Oscars  in a fully beaded plunging neckline Zuhair Murad gown. She can do no wrong because she is Jennifer Lopez. She's been through a lot of success, pain, and hardship. She is the modern Cinderella of the 21st century. She inspires many women around the world to dream big.  For W Magazine’s August issue, I love how they turned her into a sexy, chic, and sophisticated woman. It was a great choice of the editors to pick Gucci’s Fall 2013 gown.  And of course, no one can miss her perfect hairstyle and make up. With the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Britney Spears; her staying power will never end. I haven't bought a magazine in a long time, but I am sure I will get this copy. For me, this is a very strong cover. Bravo!!!