Saturday, September 28, 2013


Prada and Fendi did an amazing collection. These were the best designs I have seen for Spring 2014 in Milan. In Paris, Raf Simons delivered a superb collection for the house of Dior. He transported his guests to an enchanted garden filled with orchids, roses, birds of paradise, and exotic plants in different colors. People were mesmerized with the setting. As soon as the first look came out, it became a crescendo of drop dead gorgeous ensembles.  The famous bar jacket was modernized with slash details to show some little skin. The floral electric pleated skirt feminized the look. As the show progresses, you can see Raf introducing new proportions for the label. Electric pleats cut on the bias from the waist down to the hips. It gave an illusion to make his woman feel sexy and flirtatious. To add more youth to the collection, he adorned some of the pieces with hounds tooth badges. The true Raf came out when he showcased cocktail dresses with floral and graffiti prints. He sliced the fabric into vertical long pieces. As the model walks on the runway, the effect is like a flower in bloom.  In the evening category, the fully beaded asymmetrical dresses with dangling Swarovski beadwork were divine. He used the same bias cut electric technique to drape around the dresses. As the show is about to end, he sent two models in the classic Dior bar jacket.  From the front it looks like a normal couture suit. When the model turned around, the details were at the back. He inserted floral fabrics that resemble like a grid. The effect gave a day to evening look.

In the accessories department, the jewelry was impeccable. Necklaces and bracelets resemble like draping moss vines around their necks and wrists. He used these pieces to add color to the wardrobe.  The classic Dior bag came in full force. Muliti colored snakeskins, bright crocodiles, and lizards were the skins used to make the collection over-the-top luxurious. The pointy pumps were adorned with flower appliques. 

The show didn’t stop from there. As soon as the first model stepped out to take her bow, Raf sent an army of marching women in unison with the Dior uniform look. Once again, he used the badge as the ID of his lady . The floral lame fabric were used in ball skirts, tops, dresses, and cocktail dresses. Raf gave life to the city of lights during fashion week. It was a phenomenal collection… another winning streak for the house of Dior. It was the smartest decision of the house to put Raf Simons on the Dior throne. It only takes a true artist to combine the old and new without being too literal. Bravo!!!