Saturday, February 18, 2012


Francisco Costa is on the right track for the house of Calvin Klein. He modernized the brand and took it to a higher level. He presented one of the strongest collections for Fall 2012. His women are strong with a dark past. With Rooney Mara on the front row, I am not surprised that one of his inspirations came from the actress' sleek look. The designer focused on the waist, cinching coats and dresses on wools and leathers with metal banded belts. His go to color ways are black and white. To add more life, he chose vibrant red to make the collection more cohesive. His evening pieces were modern chain mail armor. Indeed, Francisco made a strong impact for the house. Aside from Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors, he is one of my favorite designer. From season to season, he makes the Calvin Klein woman special.

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  1. These are gorgeous pieces of CK. I always love to wear bold colors like black and red.

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