Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I was really sick last night, but I had to drink a lot of Propel-Zero to catch the Narciso Rodriguez show. It was a long wait because most of the seats were not being filled. Blame it on Valentine's Date night for skipping the show. For those people who failed to attend, they missed a fantastic and fabulous show. The designer never fails to deliver. He knows his woman. Yes, he is known for simple and clean lines. This season, he showed to the world that he can morph his designs into modern techniques. The moment the first look came out, I know I will be expecting more interesting ensembles from the designer. I haven't seen the color chartreuse in the runway in the longest time. He showcased coats in various silhouettes: bell-like volume, A-line tent shape from the shoulder, and blossoming out of the waist. To my surprise, he sent out some models wearing autumn shades in beaver fur... very clever. Seeing shades of rust, red, tangerine, chartreuse, chocolate, and red on the runway made my fever go down. It was unexpected for the designer to show that much rich colors for Fall. For the most part, the folded detail on the dresses, tops, and pants can be seen in all of the looks. The thick blade like and badge prints in the last section of the collection show his playful side as a designer. It is also the season of re launching his accessories line. Structured bags, wrist clutches, pumps, and bags were all in subtle version of color blocking. For me, Narciso produced a stellar collection. I am glad I went to the show. It was WORTH the wait.

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