Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ralph Lauren is the richest and most successful designer in the world. Opening his flagship mansion stores around the world gave him the power he needed. This season, he paid tribute to the opulence of China. The money is in Asia. He paid respect to the rich heritage of the biggest country in the world. The homage to the sleeping giant gave him the triumph he deserved.

He presented a black collection that showcases the country's evolving industry. Tuxedo suits, silk palazzo pants, death defying dresses, and statement jewelry in jade and red were witnessed in today's show. It proves to show that Ralph Lauren can stick to his formula of a true American designer. Like Giorgio Armani, Mr. Lauren has a cult of follower.

For me, this is his BEST collection so far. A true genius in his own right. No wonder he is the most respected designer of our times. He ended New York Fashion week with a BIG BANG.

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