Thursday, May 31, 2012


Last night, Yaz Hernandez threw an intimate birthday party celebration at her posh Park Avenue apartment. It was a gathering of her intimate friends and family. Her youthful energy and personality gave Yaz the eternal youth she possess. She is one of the most influential people in New York. She knows how to turn an ailing charity into a stellar success. It is in her nature that she is passionate about the things she do. She puts her whole heart into something she believes in. At the last minute, Yaz's mother made a surprise appearance late in the evening. She came straight from Puerto Rico to participate in her daughter's celebration. The party was so fun because everyone was in their true form. Up to now, no one knows her true age. Let's just say that Yaz will always be stuck in the age of 35. It is not her fault that she found the fountain of youth. Happy Birthday Yaz. I love you.

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