Monday, March 29, 2010


Last night, Girard and I were craving for sushi. He has been a good friend of mine for the longest time. His sister, Ginger, is one of my dearest friends. We always love to go to the same place. I always think of the N word for Japanese restaurant... Nobu Next Door.

He told me that he wanted to go to another place. I suggested BLUE RIBBON SUSHI.
I told him that I know the place and it is right beside Mezzogiorno.

We waited for our table. As soon as I looked at the menu, the food is a mix of French and Spanish. I asked the waiter if they have another menu for Japanese.

He smiled at me and said, "Blue Ribbbon Sushi is a block down. You are in Blue Ribbon Brasserie."

I felt ashamed. Can you imagine? I have been living in New York for 10 years and I do not look at the address. I apologized to Gerry and I told him that I'd come back next time. He gave me a cute smile... OOPS!!!

Finally, we arrived at the right BLUE RIBBON restaurant. This time, we did not have to wait.
The FOOD... unbelievable.

I was smiling the whole night.

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