Monday, March 5, 2012


Celine is one of the most profitable brands in the industry. When Phoebe came in to the picture as creative director of the label, she did a 360 degrees turn for the house. Last season, she introduced the peplum silhouette and made it known to women that they can wear this type of volume. Was her theory right? Yes. She managed to create an army of devotees. Women can't get enough of the brand. Each time she shows a collection, women are in trance. They are itching to get their hands on anything with the Celine tag. For Fall 2012, she opted for an intimate presentation. She presented another outstanding collection. She focused on the volume of the clothes. Unless you are a model, volume on clothes can be flattering or unflattering. With her last pre fall presentation, she gave a hint that she will be showcasing this silhouette to her current collection. She combined all of the details from previous collections and merge it into one... very clever. The combination of fabric is Phoebe's expertise. She combined fur, leather, and wool for a sweater. Her oversized fur coats in bright pink and blue is a show stopper. Don't forget the amazing shoes and bags that make the profits for the house. The Celine woman has her distinct image... simplicity with a strong attention to detail. She is a designer who understands the need of women. I won't be surprised if I see women wearing these pieces on the streets of New York, Paris, London, Milan, and Tokyo.
I am pretty sure this collection will sell. One word to describe the brand, ADDICTIVE.

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