Monday, November 23, 2009


Mystery man saw a recent picture of me on facebook. He called me and said that I am getting thinner. I told him that I am stressed with work. He knows me very well when I have so much work... I forget to eat.

In his line of work, he tries to save the entire planet. He told me stories about his trips to Nepal and to some remote jungles in Asia. He had to prepare in all of his expeditions. He has his survival kit with him the whole time.

He calls me kiddo every time I disobey him. Hahahaha.

He said, "You know what kiddo? I always prepare myself when I go on a trip."

I replied, "Really? I cannot go on a survival trip without bringing a portable bathroom and gummy bears."

He started laughing.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we would spend quality time in Manila.

He wants to see the Aman resort in Palawan.

My God! The red Marchesa gown is memorable to him. He knows that.

A print of his favorite shirt.

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  1. aman is awesome,but abaca in cebu is romantic and luxurious too:)all new and very suited for you and mystery man,just suggesting here but wherever you chooses to go as long as your with mystery man is all good:)
    love reading your blog!